Supreme Being Case

I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything, just reflecting my considerations and options.  Options really sounds like there is a choice for the Supreme Being case and most will see through the disguise of a God or Allah.  Nothing here will contradict the value of the good teachings laid out in a Bible, Koran and others.   Here are the questions I have to ask of those Supreme Beings often mentioned:

  1. Where were you when child was hurt but you show up for the recovery credit?
  2. Why do your prophets live in luxury beyond their members?
  3. Do you really like those huge temples and expensive structures?
  4. Are those not false idols? 
  5. Should a humble church be exempt from the financial obligations it’s members have?
  6. Shouldn’t the priority of the Lords work be taking care of the planet we live on?
  7. Are you disappointed that the church has become such a social event?
  8. Why has there been wars forever in your name?
  9. How can any person responsible for the image of God be forgiven multiple times for the same sin?

You might ask if I believe?  I must say I do, but my supreme being is the woman we refer to as Mother Nature and she is responsible for everything and scientifically sound.  She also takes the hit when it doesn’t go well.  She asks nothing of us but to treat her kindly.  On Sunday I spend my time with her and try to tidy up a bit.  As for the Gods?  They reside in all of us at birth.  If not stripped away or replaced, they spur us to do good things.  Once stripped away the holder is now godless and damaged, sometimes beyond repair.