Politics and Religion

Remember it is politics and religion that are the topics of most disagreements and always the core of “let’s not talk about politics or religion” at most gatherings.  Although they were considered topics of our forefathers and may have determined where we are today.  It always strikes me as no-coincidence that they have taken on much of the characteristics of competitive sports.  Multiple teams with a dedicated mob that blindly follows.  Whew! That’s confrontational!  I really mean it as an indication of the things we take so lightly in hindsight and overlook their misgivings to remain committed.  The indiscretions of the sport/topic are overlooked with the details of potential accomplishments.  We tend to push aside the tough questions and realities of things to stay committed members.  My questions are many for all three entities. 

As I delve further into the topic, I realize how difficult it will be to fix our situation and I refer to politics but sports are certainly also entrenched.  With nearly half of the population on each side and having no desire to cross (even for one vote), will we ever end these constant battles?  I’m afraid not and that should scare us all but we blame someone else and move on.  We have people being voted into leadership roles that we wouldn’t want for friends nor certainly dating our daughters.  Yet we (the mob), aren’t disgusted enough to abandon our party or team affiliation.  Where and what will make us stop admiring entitled people making one half to one million dollars a week and not making anything substantial and STILL asking for more.